Get Involved!
Changing the world can start in your living room.

Although there are lots of ways to get involved with international students, here are some of the most asked for.


Being a volunteer with our staff as they minister to internationals is a fun and easy way to get started.  Volunteering could be anything from helping with a conversation class to leading a Bible study. It may be as simple as serving food or as invovled as discipling a student.  All levels of involvment and abilities are welcome. To get started, contact our office and let us know your location. Then we can put you in touch with a local staff. Together you can figure out your best contribution to the ministry there.


Join our staff

Do you have a sense that God has called you to minister to internationals full-time?  We would love to explore this option with you.  We have over 100 staff at locations across the nation and are looking to expand most of these locations. If you are interested and woudl like more information, just let us know through our contact page.


In III John 8, it talks about how those who support ministry are co-laborers with those doing the ministry. You can partner with us in the minsitry through your donation.